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Who are we?

About Qantas Virtual Group

Today, Qantas Virtual Group is a well-known icon internationally by fans of the flight simulator - Infinite Flight. Qantas Virtual Group is widely regarded as Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline and was the first Virtual Airline to operate with this simulator. We have striven to uphold a strong reputation in all areas and all because of our passionate staff and the hundreds of members of our organisation.

It is the result of over four years experience, rigorous training, and exceptional teamwork from many passionate employees and hundreds of pilots.

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Who are we?

Our Staff Team

Sam Baker

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Hicks

Chief Operating Officer

Aaron Cartman

Chief Marketing Officer

Anush Patel

Information Technology Manager

Abdullah Zameer

Human Resources Manager

Oliver Hair

Pilot Instructor

Alex Evans

Pilot Instructor

Adam Szymfeld

Flight Supervisor

Thor Gerdsen-Jensen

Event Manager