Rise to the challenge and embrace the spirit.

Founded in 2012, Qantas Virtual Group has grown to be Infinite Flight’s largest domestic and international virtual airline.

Paving the way for the Virtual Airline Industry

We've gone that extra step to ensure each member has the best experience at the Qantas Virtual Group. Our unique system - The Terminal, allows our members to find out more about our fleet, 24/7 access to downloadable content, file Pilot Reports, communicate with other members and work their way towards our highest rank whilst travelling around the world.

Explore the depths of your imagination

From the sunny Gold Coast to the white snowfields in Autaga, The Terminal has over 1,000 destinations to choose from all thanks to the Qantas Virtual Group, oneworld virtual and our virtual partners. We've taken the time to ensure that our destinations are regularly updated to give you the ultimate flying experience every time you walk on board your flight and into the cockpit.

A rewarding experience for all members

Time and time again, Qantas Virtual Group has proven to be Infinite Flight's leading Virtual Airline from the launch of SKYTRAX Virtual in 2014, Qantas Virtual has continued to be a global icon and continues to look to the future preparing for the next generation of members. The Qantas Virtual Group was recently awarded as Virtual Airline of 2017 for Infinite Flight.

Why Not Join Australia's Leading Virtual Airline?

Recreated from the real world icon Qantas, the Qantas Virtual Group is widely regarded as Infinite Flight’s leading virtual airline and is one of the strongest brands within the community. We’ve built a reputation for excellence in training, the member experience and customer service. The Qantas Virtual Group operates two complementary virtual airline brands - Qantas Virtual and Jetstar Virtual which operate regional, domestic and international services. The Qantas Virtual Group also operates a renowned Pilot Academy with a strong focus on increasing aviation knowledge so that our pilots excel in their future professions.

What is QVG?

What is Qantas Virtual Group?

Today, Qantas Virtual Group is a well-known icon internationally by fans of the flight simulator - Infinite Flight. Qantas Virtual Group is widely regarded as Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline and was the first Virtual Airline to operate with this simulator. We have striven to uphold a strong reputation in all areas and all because of our passionate staff and the hundreds of members of our organisation. It is the result of over 8 years experience, rigorous training, and exceptional teamwork from many passionate employees and hundreds of pilots.

QVG Careers

Qantas Virtual Group Careers

A fast paced environment is the best with some of the most exceptional employees. Each year, Qantas Virtual Group employs 5 to 10 of the best employees who are committed to providing you with the best experience you can get. The opportunities we provide for our employees is unimaginable and is an experience like no other. If you're up for the challenge then it's with us, your passion will be nurtured and will continue to grow while learning from the best.