Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight.

1) General

1.1) This Virtual Airline is for the Infinite Flight Flight Simulator, it is not designed for other Flight Simulator's or for real world aviation.
1.2) Any form of disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated on our site. Any occurrence results in the removal of your account.
1.3) Displaying or using a pirated Flight Simulator or materials at Qantas Virtual, is strictly prohibited. Your membership will be suspended without notice.
1.4) All materials at Qantas Virtual are for the use of our members. Members are not to copy any features or content on our site.
1.5) A member is entitled to one account at any given time. A member is not permitted to share account details with any other members or guests.
1.6) Qantas Virtual is entitled to suspend any member without consent or reason.
1.7) Qantas Virtual does not allow for any features or content displayed on our website to be copied onto any competitor websites or become visible on community pages.
1.8) Qantas Virtual sends events and news to all active members of this Virtual Airline. By registering with us, you agree to be sent these emails.
1.9) You must not use the Qantas Virtual Group name in a manner of which: a) makes fun of or satirises the Qantas Virtual Group name; b) disparages or defames Qantas Virtual Group as well as any of its content available for use.

2) Online Flying

2.1) When using the ICAO or IATA codes for Qantas Virtual, you must display a suitable name and callsign. Under no circumstances should explicit callsigns or names be used when flying for this virtual airline.
2.2) All members must follow Qantas Virtual's Standard Operating Procedures. This can be found in the Downloads page after logging in.
2.3) Pilots must show absolute professionalism when flying for Qantas Virtual. Any unrealistic flying under the Qantas, QantasLink or Jetstar codes may result in a possible suspension.

3) Registration

3.1) One user is permitted to one application at one given time. They may not register more than once, unless otherwise permitted.
3.2) You must submit your true identity when registering for Qantas Virtual. You must also submit your email. Failure may result in a rejected application.
3.3) When registering at Qantas Virtual the user must not have a current or past position at a competitor virtual airline. Partner airlines are excluded
3.4) Under no circumstances, should children under the age of 13 register to this site in accordance with COPPA.
3.5) Once registered a pilot must fly the first two training flights within first 14 days of joining, then must fly and file a PIREP every 30 days as a minimum

4) Customer Services

4.1) Customer Services will communicate with all guests and members requiring assistance.
4.2) A live chat agent should not ask for any personal details other than your name and email address. If the agent is acting suspicious contact a trusted staff member immediately.
4.3) The Live chat feature should only be used for any questions or feedback. It is not to be used to start a conversation, spam agents or any actions that could be disobedient.
4.4) You must use your real name (your first and last name) as well as your email address when using Live Chat or emailing us. This way we can ensure it is sent to you straight away.

5) Community

5.1) A user must never venture in any such actions that may affect the high reputation of Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight on any Community webpage or our webpage. If you undertake in such actions you will have broken the rules and regulations of Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight and therefore your application will be suspended without knowledge. Any demeaning of Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight is included.
5.2) Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight is in close contact with Administration of most Infinite Flight related community pages and will make sure the pilot has been penalised properly.
5.3) Displaying or using any pirated materials at Qantas Virtual, is not permitted. Your account will be suspended without notice.
5.4) Any form of disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated on our site. If you so choose to display this behaviour, your membership with Qantas Virtual will be banned
5.5) Qantas Virtual reserves the right to suspend any member at without consent or reason.
5.6) Any form of disrespectful behaviour on the community forum will not be tolerated. If you so choose to display this behaviour, your account will be removed without notice.

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