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Together, we're better, stronger and setting an example for our competitors.

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Administration, support, services


Our administration function ensures our daily operations are to plan every day.


Our administration roles are key in maintaining our high levels of customer service and operational efficiency and are carried out by many different team members with a variety of skill sets.


We offer a broad range of roles to suit diverse professionals. These include key leadership and managerial positions as well as executive team and general administration. You'll have the opportunity to develop your career in the area that best suits you.


The specific abilities and experience required will vary by role and by business area but you may be involved in anything from managing relationships, contracts and projects, liaising with internal and external business partners, managing and/or supporting human resource, finance or IT functions, sponsorship and event planning through to diary and office management. Given the diversity of the Group's operations, opportunities exist to create a career path where your specific areas of professional interest can best be developed.

Diversity is everywhere and at Qantas Virtual Group we pride ourselves in creating a friendly inclusive environment. It's important to reflect on equality, because together it makes us stronger as a Virtual Airline. We focus on inclusion not exclusion.

Our history

Qantas Virtual Group has been Infinite Flight's first choice when it comes to flying for over five years. It's our experience, professionalism and expertise that sets us apart. We're Infinite Flight's leading Virtual Airline and we are the strongest organisation that works with Infinite Flight.

The future ahead for Qantas Virtual Group is always changing but we're always prepared for what's next.

Our community

The Qantas Virtual Group works within their own community and the Infinite Flight Community. These two communities, together have formed the strong bonds between our members, members of the Infinite Flight Community, our employees and partner Virtual Airlines.

We continue to make a positive impact in the Infinite Flight Community and continue to work with our partners to mutually grow and distinct ourselves from competitors.

Training and developing

We're always training and developing our employees to work to their full potential, the spirit is within all of us and we make sure that you are our priority.

Our training programs for employees are comprehensive and the opportunity you have is unimaginable.

Our ethics

If you can dream it, we can do it. Our mindset is strong and we're determined to achieve the unachievable. You're always supported by a team who are with you and are passionate about what you create for the Virtual Airline together.

When it comes to you, it's not just about asserting the members experience is the best possible, but your own experience is the best. You’ll have a great time, meet amazing people and have experiences like no other, you'll only find an enjoyable experience here.

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Qantas Virtual Group is merely a Virtual Airline for Infinite Flight.  Qantas Virtual is in no way affiliated with the real world Qantas Airways or Infinite Flight. All rights, trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners.

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