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How to apply

The recruitment process is the same for all, the general process is outlined below.

How to apply


You can submit an application for a role on our Careers site, this can be done via the 'Apply for this role', 'Apply with Linkedin' or the 'Apply with Indeed' buttons located to the right side of each role.


We're counting on you to make sure your CV is up to date and that it highlights your skills and experience you've had prior to the role you are applying for. There are additional questions that need to be answered if you are short-listed for the role and have moved to the next stage.

Assessment process


If we are interested in what you have to offer, you'll move to the next stage. The next stage includes an interview and may also have an assessment to complete.




Interviews are very important in the Virtual Airline industry. This gives us the opportunity to meet you and get to know you better, for you, you'll find out more about Qantas Virtual Group, our general expectations and of course - the role you've applied for. All interviews take place with a representative from Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. Interviews are different for everybody as well as the role they're interested in.


We may also take the time to utilise Behavioural Event Interview questions. These type of questions reflect on the way you've handled a situation in the past and we'll require you to discuss the situation.

Employment reference and background checks


It's important we run background checks on our applicants, our record is the best in the Virtual Airline industry and we're keeping it that way. You can find out more during the recruitment process, if you are unable to pass our checks, we will withdraw our offer.

How we manage your information


We recognise that your information is important to you and we're committed to securing your information. That's why during registration we use a secured third party application to manage your details. We'll only ever ask for your name, email address and phone number when you apply. If you do not want your information stored with us, please check our Privacy Policy and follow the steps accordingly.



We do not allow unsolicited resumes. We'll only allow resumes that fit a posted job that you have applied for.

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