Board of Directors

Mackenzie Rodgers


Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mackenzie Rodgers is the founder of Qantas Virtual Group.


As Founder, Mackenzie has transformed the entire Virtual Airline industry through the strong performance and core values set within the Virtual Airline. It was back in 2012 when Infinite Flight set foot on the start of a new journey in the Virtual Airline industry, something unheard of and it was about to become one of the biggest trends set and trialled.


Along with Qantas Virtual Group, Mackenzie was the first among a new generation of flying. Mr Rodgers has continued to lead by example teaching the Qantas Virtual team and pushing the Virtual Airline into new challenges. His passion meant that aviation enthusiasts could enjoy an enhanced experience through the unique systems and programs he had proposed back in 2012.

Breydon Verryt-Reid


Independent Non-Executive Director

Breydon Verryt-Reid was appointed to the board in July 2017.


Mr Verryt-Reid was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of KLM Cityhopper Virtual, a subsidiary of KLM, from 2015-2016 In October 2015 to July 2017, he was the Chief Operations Officer for Qantas Virtual Group and has been a significant asset to Qantas Virtual Group.


Darren Rayner


Chief Operations Officer

Darren Rayner was appointed as Chief Operations Officer on the 15th of July, 2017


Before this, Mr Rayner spent several months as the Director of Human Resources and was the acting Chief Operations Officer for some time. His previous experience was a large asset


Darren has led Qantas Virtual Group to what it is today - Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline and he continues to set the standards for Virtual Airlines across the Infinite Flight Community.

David Lockwood


Executive Director

David Lockwood, Senior Pilot and Executive Director.


David lives in the UK, about 20 Miles from Heathrow in the Hampshire Countryside with his wife and dog. David works in the Merchant Navy and gets to travel the world “to see a lot of water and the odd ship!”, he has always been interested in transport in one form or the other.


David started using realistic Flight simulator's when he first went to sea and had a copy of MS FSX on his laptop, in later years he was looking for a mobile flight simulator and in 2013 discovered Infinite Flight. He was first involved with Virtual Airlines by helping to set up and run a British Airways based Virtual Airline that was only on social media.    However without a good website the Virtual Airline had limited operations. In 2015 David discovered Qantas Virtual and was impressed by the professional approach of the then team and also how the website looked and so joined as Pilot number 14 and also Training Manager. Since joining David has been an active member of the Flight Operations Team, not only in flying but also in writing manuals, running events and preparing for release of global, at the same time David is involved in the overall running of the VA, both on a day to day basis as well as future strategy.

Samuel Aseem


Human Resources Director

Samuel Aseem was appointed as Human Resources Director on the 22nd of February 2017.


Samuel Aseem Ali is from Raipur, India, he realised his passion for aviation when he was 18 and he joined the Infinite Flight Community. He soon noticed Virtual Airlines, was very eager and wanted to join the best of them. While he was looking at different Virtual Airline's, he found Qantas Virtual Group and realised how professional and experienced they were in the Virtual Airline industry for over 5 years (the first Virtual Airline in Infinite Flight).  I then joined Qantas Virtual as a pilot then later joined staff and finally started working as Director of Human Resources. Since then he  hasn't ever looked back or regretted his decision. This is the best VA that I've found and have worked in. Mr Aseem believes Qantas Virtual has made him a very good pilot and have also given him good administrative experiences. They have everything you would wish for. You just cannot describe Qantas Virtual Group in words.

Benjamin Williams


Flight Operations Director

Benjamin Williams is the Director of Flight Operations at Qantas Virtual Group Infinite Flight. Mr Williams has spent the past year running the Flight Operations Department. This has made sure that all pilots training and flying is monitored, and regular events have been run. Ben has a growing department of staff, including Hub Managers.

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