Qantas Virtual A380

A journey like no other

The most extraordinary experience you'll have is with a marvel - the Qantas Virtual Airbus A380. Experience the Super Jumbo on your next journey.

How do I fly the Qantas Virtual A380?

Get the overview of where our A380s fly or view more detailed

flight information on our timetables. Note that all flights are

subject to last minute change of aircraft.


Flight No.


Sydney < > Dubai < > London

QF1 / QF2

All flights. From 25 March 2018 will operated as

Sydney < > Singapore < > London.

Melbourne < > Dubai < > London

QF9 / QF10

All flights. From 24 March 2018 will operated as

Melbourne < > Singapore < > London.

Sydney < > Los Angeles

QF11 / QF12

All flights.

Melbourne < > Singapore

QF35 / QF36

All flights from 25 March 2018.

Melbourne < > Los Angeles

QF93 / QF94

All flights.

Sydney < > Dallas/Fort Worth

QF7 / QF8

All flights.

Sydney < > Hong Kong

QF127 / QF128

On selected flights, during peak seasons.

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